Welcome to Eddies Bodyshop...

Eddies Bodyshop specialises in a range of Professional Services for vehicles.  These services range from small accident vehicle repairs, to fitting and painting custom bodykits as well as fibre glass repairs to bodykits.  Furthermore, additional assistance can be given to those who require window tinting, sunstrips or even car restoration work. 

             Restoration of a 1975 Triumph GT6 mk 2, Honda Civic and Riley Elf can be viewed from initial stripping stages to the completed stage.  

              Further Restoration projects  include a selection of Mini Coopers, a Mini-Pickup and a work-in-progress Mini Mayfair.

              Body Kits can be fitted and painted by Eddie on any car and one-off modifications can also be carried out.

              Window Tinting Service offered to all types of vehicle, from cars to pick-ups and jeeps, however cost will vary. 


Eddie has just completed more recently, restoration of a Mini Mayfair and the photographs process can be viewed under 'restoration projects.'