About Eddie...

Eddie started off his work in the vehicle industry as an apprentice mechanic in Portadown.  Soon after he progressed on to full time work in a different industry.  Years later he realised that his passion lay with cars and so he decided he wanted to spend his time back in the vehicle industry once again.

Initially Eddie had the idea of painting and fitting bodykits and spoilers.   Around this time, Eddie also painted farings and tanks, as well as painting lorry grills. With his background interest in cars, and involvement from an early age, Eddie progressed into self-employment 8 years ago, back in 2001.

This employment began with painting, then fitting bodykits for Jamesport, a Portadown based company.  After gaining further experience in this field Eddie began to design and make one-off custom bumpers/ spoilers and side skirts for customers.  Then a few years after opening he noticed customers were asking for window tints.  Eddie saw his chance and took off to the USA to learn how to window tint.  He learned with a company called MADICO.

In 2007, realising there was a small down turn in the bodykit industry, Eddie looked to restoration work as a further challenge.  His involvement with restoring old cars such as mini's from the 1960s show just how far Eddies skills in this industry have taken him.

Opportunities for Eddie to prove his skills show his involvement of working with other companies.  One in particular was Audio Advice, a car sound system firm which was based in Portadown.  In 2005 at the NEC in Birmingham, Max Power held their show.  Audio Advice attended this show with a showcase car, an old Renault 19 16V.  They took and literally ripped everything out, the dashboard. Seats.  Everything in order to reinstall their own custom built interior.    Eddie prepared the complete exterior on the Renault  19, before it was sent to SM Designs for airbrush work. The photographs are evidence of Eddies unique skills and can be viewed on : http://www.mtxaudio.eu/spip.php?article966

This incredible MTX demo vehicle was awarded "Best ICE Car at Max Power Live 2005".  The men who worked on the car included one of the worlds leading Airbrush Artists of SM Designs whom Eddie got to work with and was influenced by.  Eddie also learned to Airbrush at a later stage with the Airbrush Artist.